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What's REALLY Working In SEO [Podcast] - Search Engine Journal

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It is possible that what works in SEO now is not what you think. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about keywords and keyword research – though they certainly help! Today, almost everything works differently, and we’re here to find out why.

Craig Campbell, Glasgow’s top SEO expert, joined me in this episode of the SEJ Show for a candid discussion about what’s REALLY working in SEO at the moment, including a discussion around dropped domains, domain leasing, PBNs, link building, YouTube, TikTok and other media outlets that Google loves!

There are a lot of domain names that are not personally branded, and you could turn them into an excellent money website in some way. Whether it be affiliate or ecommerce, it really doesn’t matter. A website’s a website. –Craig Campbell, 29:24

I don’t even see people going to the Wayback machine recreating all your videos. Many people just slap up any old URL and brand new URLs and stuff like that. What they don’t do is do the basics properly. You need to reignite that. It’s run out of gas, essentially, the website. You need to reignite it –Craig Campbell, 31:23

If you ever feel like you have imposter syndrome and don’t know anything about SEO, go to a room where no one knows anything about SEO. They’ll all ask you questions...

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