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ITS Logistics October Port/Rail Ramp Index: Challenges in the Gulf Coast Region for October and November of Q4

Last updated Wednesday, October 19, 2022 10:40 ET , Source: NewsService

RENO, Nev., Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- , today released the October forecast for the ITS Logistics US Port/Rail Ramp Freight Index, reflecting the current impact of the continued port and rail ramp disruptions nationwide, as well as a forecast for Q4. The October index reveals that the Gulf Coast Region is preparing for further disruptions due to impact of Hurricane Ian, the projected Gulf Hurricane season and several challenges facing Port Houston.
“The Gulf Coast ports will be impacted the most this month. We currently see a lack of storage in Houston, as well as minimal chassis availability and vessel congestion at Houston area terminals,” said Paul Brashier, Vice President, Drayage and Intermodal for ITS Logistics.
Port Houston’s container facilities handle nearly 70% of all U.S. Gulf Coast container traffic.
“Houston is seeing higher inbound volumes, a chassis imbalance and terminal congestion above normal levels," continued Brashier.
ITS Logistics, one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the United States, provides port and rail drayage services in 22 coastal ports and 30 rail ramps throughout North America. The ITS Logistics US Port/Rail Ramp Freight Index provides forward-looking analysis of port and rail ramp freight movements as well as the impact from previous months.
“On the East Coast, empty container termination is still a significant challenge in New York and New Jersey, which is affecting available chassis and container storage,” said Brashier. “July 2021 marked the beginning of the eastern gateways experiencing an increase in mega-ships at their docks. This was a direct result of the congestion on the west coast and created a shift of imports. In a trickledown effect, this chain of events created prolonged dwell times at Charleston, Newark, Virginia and other east coast ports.”
The influx on the east coast mixed with the existing delays on the west coast and influenced importers and forwarders to relocate business to the Gulf of Mexico. Consequently, as of this January the port of Houston experienced a 27% rise in TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) tally year over year, because of increased container imports. Importers and forwarders are seeking relief in the Gulf because of the availability of drayage services and increased capacity, but ports including Houston, Tampa and Savannah are being affected by delays as a result of the rising container numbers. This is resulting in a shortage of space, equipment, and chassis.
As for the West Coast:
“West Coast labor disruption probability is currently low because both sides are still negotiating in good faith,” continued Brashier. “As well, the engagement from the White House and Congress on port and rail issues is high going into the mid-term elections.”
The ITS Logistics US Port/RAIL Ramp Freight Index forecasts port container and dray operations for the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf regions. Visit here for a full comprehensive copy of the index with expected forecasts for the US port and rail ramps.
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ITS Logistics is a premier Third-Party Logistics company that provides creative supply chain solutions with an asset-lite transportation division ranked #23 in North America, the #11 drayage and intermodal provider, a top-tier asset-based dedicated fleet ranked #39, and innovative omnichannel distribution and fulfillment services. With the highest level of service, unmatched industry experience and work ethic, and a laser focus on innovation and technology–our purpose is to improve the quality of life by delivering excellence in everything we do.
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ITS Logistics US Port/Rail Ramp Freight Index
ITS Logistics US Port/Rail Ramp Freight Index

source: https://www.morningstar.com/news/globe-newswire/8667602/its-logistics-october-portrail-ramp-index-challenges-in-the-gulf-coast-region-for-october-and-november-of-q4

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