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A guide to optimising anchor text - Browser Media

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With more than 200 different ranking factors when it comes to SEO, sometimes you have to pick your battles. I happen to think that optimising your anchor text is one of those battles worth picking.

I won’t pretend it’s as important as the quality of your content, or your backlinks, but I do think it makes a difference, and the effort to outcome ratio puts it firmly on the list of things to consider for me, so I’ll be looking at the different types of anchor text, how to optimise it, and what to be careful of.

What is anchor text in SEO?

Anchor text is simply just the clickable text that appears in a hyperlink, usually in blue or underlined.

There are different types of anchor text:

  • Keyword match – linking over your keywords. This could be an exact match, e.g. SEO, or a partial match e.g. view our SEO page (this still includes words or phrases we’d target, but clearly we’re not pushing to be number one for the phrase ‘view our SEO page’).
  • Naked – this is when the whole URL is listed and clickable, e.g. https://browsermedia.agency/.
  • Generic – hyperlinking over words or phrases that are connected to your company or what you do, e.g. ‘click here.’
  • Images – sometimes you’ll click on an image to take you to another page.

Why is anchor text important?

Putting some thought into your anchor text benefits you both in terms of visitors and search engines. For users, it provides context of what they’ll find on the linked page if they choose to click...

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