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Editorial Links: 5 Benefits and 5 Ways to Get Them - BeautyMatter

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Many marketers consider link building to be one of the more complex and tedious SEO strategies. Trudging through wordy articles full of industry jargon to glean the few pieces of essential information you need is a tall order that few have time to undertake, so in this one, we’ll get straight to the essentials of editorial links, and you’ll walk (or click) away with an understanding of the basics and how to approach your own campaign.

Link Building in a Nutshell

Link building is a digital marketing strategy that improves your search engine ranking, gives your site credibility, and increases your web traffic, to name just a few benefits. It’s the process of increasing the number of links, also called “backlinks,” on external websites that take visitors to a page on your site.

What Are Editorial Links?

While link building in general can be either paid or organic, editorial links are exclusively organic. Editorial links are often regarded as “holy grail” backlinks. The term describes a link to valuable content from a reputable site that’s used as a legitimate resource. Editorial links can look like:

  • Inclusion of your site in an expert roundup
  • Citation of a person in your organization as an expert
  • Linking to your site as an additional information source
  • An interview with a person in your organization
  • Linking to your organization’s interview of an expert

According to Search Engine Journal, editorial links are “not paid for, not asked for and not traded for. These are...

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