Monday, December 5, 2022

NCET Biz Tips: Video marketing and your business - Northern Nevada Business Weekly

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Every business has a story to tell, but how are you telling that story? If you’re like thousands of business owners, the typical website “go-to” is a lengthy bio in the “About us” or “What we do” sections of your page along with scattered graphics and photos. Simply put, that’s not good enough. Headshots, how many kids you have, and where you went to college just isn’t compelling. In most cases, it doesn’t even grab attention past the second paragraph. It’s no secret attention spans are shrinking, especially when it comes to reading. Don’t tell them what you do ... Show them! To truly tell your story, you need video.

To add to the cliche of written bios and headshots, a popular one is, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If that’s the case, video is worth a million. Consumers love video. It’s more engaging and holds attention longer than photos. Video allows more creativity. Photos are static and don’t really allow you to tell your story, show your personality or highlight what makes you different. Video humanizes you. It gives a face and a personality or vibe to your business. The opportunities and versatility with video are endless.

Let’s look at the benefits of video from a straight business standpoint. It is a huge benefit for search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves optimized video content. Two of the biggest metrics Google takes into consideration for ranking a website are, the time users spend on your page and the number of backlinks referring back to your...

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