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What Is MarTech? How Is Used? - Built In

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Martech Definition

Martech, short for marketing technology, is a broad term that includes any software or digital tools that help marketers get people educated and excited about an organization’s products and services. Essentially, it involves leveraging technology — or, more often, a technology stack — to plan, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Defining Martech

What Is Martech?

To understand what marketing technology, or martech, does, it’s important to first understand the role of marketing — an essential component of any successful business.

Marketing is the process of acquiring, retaining and engaging with customers by getting them excited about a given company’s product or service. This involves making people aware of a product or service, piquing their interest, and making it easy for them to access the product or service.

Martech, or marketing technology, encompasses all of the software and other digital tools that companies use to plan, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns and other tactics. More often than not, this is accomplished with an entire group of technology — otherwise known as a martech stack.

Of course, this looks different depending on a given company’s goals. Social media marketing involves the use of social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to build a brand, connect with customers, drive website traffic and increase sales. Within that, there is influencer marketing, which is a strategy that...

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