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Perfecting Pain Points: The Key To Audience-first SEO Strategies - The Drum

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Digital content should demonstrate your brand and be audience-driven. Explaining how to turn said audience into customers, Alice Farley of Rawnet dives into search intent, algorithms and UX design.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly producing excellent results for businesses, some of which you can see in full. Those who focus on their customers’ needs, leveraging factors such as streamlined navigation and accessible design, will be the ones that overcome modern challenges in a highly competitive online marketplace.

A brand’s digital content should tell users exactly what they can expect from the company. In the absence of this, a brand risks losing ground to competitors. By identifying customer pain points and understanding user requirements, brands will be able to future-proof their content strategies and tailor future marketing plans.

The concept of creating audience-first content is critical for digital success as it extends to how users will access content on a site. Customers prefer to be surrounded by high-quality content, which can include videos and infographics. There is a lot of information available for clients to consume, so creating the correct content hierarchy is critical.

To stay at the top of Google’s search results, marketers must ensure that content is up to date and refreshed regularly, as well as take into account the user’s intent and match it with targeted and helpful content.

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