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The SEO career path: What it may look like and how to level up - Search Engine Land

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People outside of the world of marketing rarely know what SEO is or what the initialism even stands for.

Within the industry, it’s a familiar term to all formidable marketers. Far less is SEO – search engine optimizationactually understood, though.

First, it’s important to understand that, while SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is also often used interchangeably to describe the people who do SEO (a.k.a., SEO professionals). An SEO – or search engine optimizer – does SEO. SEOs do SEO.

To avoid any further confusion, we’ll refer to the people who do SEO as SEO professionals.

SEO professionals are a special breed of marketers from many walks of life.

But there are some characteristics and experiences many of us have in common that I will attempt to organize as some of the most useful and shared professional qualities possessed by SEO professionals.

I’ll also cover what the career path to becoming one may look like.

How do you start an SEO career?

Historically speaking, most SEO professionals didn’t plan on SEO as a career – at least until recently (starting in the late 1990s and early 2000s). That was because they couldn’t, really.

Early in their educational journey, a marketer or digital marketer very rarely – if ever – declared, “I want to optimize websites and chase the Google algorithm for brands to revolutionize the way humans and businesses connect forever.”

The latter part of that dubious statement was probably similar to something many...

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