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SEO Tips for Law Firms: 30 Proven Tips to Help Improve Rankings - JD Supra

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[Author: Noreen Fishman]

In order for new clients to learn about you online, they have to find your website first. The more visibility your website has, the greater your chances of generating more traffic and new leads. This visibility and ability to reach potential clients is highly dependent on search engine optimization. It’s always a good idea to take stock of your current SEO efforts and see where you can improve. Take a look at this list of SEO tips for law firms from our experts

and see what else you can do to improve rankings.

SEO Tips for Law Firms

1. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

These systems help to manage and direct traffic from websites by using multiple delivery channels. This can reduce slowdowns, so if you haven’t explored CDNs before, it’s a good time to.

2. Pay Attention to Image Sizes

If your site takes a while to load, it takes longer to render for viewers. Take a look at the various images on your website and reduce sizes if necessary. When you save images in smaller formats, it saves space and time across your website.

3. Eliminate Junk Code

“Junk code” can build up over time if your site has been through a few updates, especially significant ones. Use a tool like WP Optimize to find and get rid of junk code in order to speed up your website.

4. Use Compression Tools

These are a great way to reduce the size of various CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.

5. Limit Page Redirects

Page redirects make your page slow. Directing to old pages from a new...

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