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10 Image SEO Tips To Make A Website Users Will Love - Search Engine Journal

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Wondering what aspect of SEO you should focus on in 2023?

Voice search, augmented reality, artificial intelligence – the competition for the new king of search is fierce.

But whichever horse you bet on, it will be a while before we transition to the future of SEO.

In the meantime, we must remember to think about online search in its current form.

So, I’d like to bring up the aspect of search you know all too well: images.

They’re neglected far too often, even though most websites rely on them heavily.

Repairing image-related SEO issues can easily give your website the competitive SEO advantage you need in 2023.

Do you have any image-related issues? Scan your site

Of course, every aspect of SEO is important. But let’s face it: users don’t even notice your keywords and backlinks.

They only care about what they can experience directly through your content, and visual information plays a major role in that.

Any time you need to learn, find, or buy something, visuals will be there to assist you. Images can make sure you’ve found exactly what you needed.

Being so closely tied to user search intent and user experience, images have a greater impact on your rankings than you realize.

According to First Site Guide’s research, images make up 62.6% of all Google searches. And they are on the rise. See how much they matter?

Let’s learn about the art of turning your images into click-attracting user traps.

1. Use Unique Images & Images With Context To Get More Clicks

Put yourself...

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