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Why is content marketing important? 9 reasons to use content - Search Engine Land

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Why is content marketing important?

That’s a loaded question, but worth considering, because the benefits of content marketing are almost too numerous to count.

To sum it up, content marketing is important because it’s a cost-effective, sustainable marketing method that nurtures your audience, answers their questions, and builds their trust – all of which helps your business generate better leads, more conversions, and more sales.

Content marketing is all about magnetizing ideal customers to your brand. It isn’t about pushing your products or services in front of their noses and hoping they’ll bite.

Most importantly, a whopping 97% of brands use content marketing because it’s the way modern consumers prefer to interact with and learn about businesses.

What are some other reasons content marketing is important? Why should you use it? Let’s explore.

1. Content marketing builds authority on your own platform – not rented land

As a whole, content marketing’s main focus is building your brand’s authority and establishing relationships with your potential customers.

Where does this all happen? On your website, through the content you publish there.

Unlike social media marketing, where the platforms of focus are distantly owned by large corporations (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), content marketing’s platform is one you own.

Publishing on your website means you own all the content that lives there (these are your content assets).

That isn’t true for social media – you don’t...

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