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I write a lot. I contribute to two publications, write marketing collateral for my company and generate numerous bits and pieces to support customer engagement every week.

I’m not a natural writer nor do I love writing. I find writing difficult and facing a blank page daunting. Nonetheless, it consumes a significant portion of my work week. Thus, the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content is very appealing.

Should we be skeptical of AI-generated content?

At the moment, there is a wave of negativity around using AI to generate content. This is not surprising given the newness of the technology and the sense that we are opening Pandora’s Box.

Concerns seem to fall into one of three categories:

  • Content overload. A belief that we are making it too easy to drown our prospects and customers with poorly written, meaningless content.
  • Authenticity. A fear that we’ll lose authenticity and honesty in our communications and weaken the connection and relationship we have with our customers.
  • Search engine impact. A worry about the impact of AI-generated content on search engine rankings. At present, Google considers AI-generated content to be spam and therefore against their webmaster guidelines.

I understand these concerns but to me, they are addressable. Quality, quantity and authenticity will be moderated by the analytics we rely on to refine customer journey maps and show us what makes for engaging content.

Our analytics tools are evolving quickly and...

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