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5 Updates To Make to Your Website Now - DevPro Journal

Last updated Wednesday, November 16, 2022 01:05 ET , Source: NewsService

The most important updates you should focus on in the coming year revolve around data and analytics.

Every year, search engine optimization (SEO) experts release their own brand of do-this-or-die posts in which webmasters are warned about changes that are a-brewin’ in the Googlesphere that might negatively impact their rankings unless they make certain necessary/crucial site updates.

In our experience, most of these prophecies turn out to be…well…exaggerated.

Don’t get us wrong, Google’s Core updates should probably not be ignored. But if you’re a web developer with only a smattering of SEO knowledge, it’s easy to be convinced that all Google updates merit some kind of reactive update on your end.

In our opinion, the most important updates that you should be focusing on in the coming year revolve around data and analytics.

Here are the updates we recommend:

#1: Get Onboard with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

If you haven’t already made the switch from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4, then now—right now—is the time. In case you aren’t aware, Google will be saying sayonara to UA in July 2023 and replacing it with its slightly more sophisticated—slightly more woke—sibling, Google Analytics 4. The way UA measures data is reaching peak obsolescence, and the new GA4 is better suited to measure modern user behavior.

Wherefore all this urgency? If you’re sticklers for continuous data tracking, you need to start using GA4 now to pull any historical data from the last year. Waiting until...

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