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How solar industry marketers can prepare for the (eventual) end of cookies - Solar Builder Magazine

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The end of the cookie era is (still) nigh. While Google has recently pushed back its plans to remove third-party cookies to 2024, all this has done is delay the inevitable.

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Digital marketers are understandably concerned about losing critical data and the resulting impact on their campaigns. This concern is particularly prevalent in booming industries such as solar energy, where demand has increased dramatically as of late. It’s up to solar industry marketers to adapt to a cookie-less landscape in order to capitalize on the global shift towards clean energy.

Fortunately, the end of third-party cookies does not signify the end of highly valuable user data altogether. Here are a few ways solar industry marketers can prepare new strategies that do not rely on third-party cookies:

Maximize first-party data

The key to preparing for the end of third-party cookies is maximizing the utilization of other forms of user data. First-party data, for example, is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This refers to data you collect directly from your audience, as opposed to data that is acquired and sent to you by a third party (a.k.a. third-party cookies).

When a user lands on your website or browses your products, you can collect first-party...

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