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Is HTTPS Good For SEO? - GISuser.com

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Have you ever seen Google Chrome’s warning about a website not being safe when you tried to open it?

That website doesn’t have an HTTPS certificate, so Google warned you about potential danger.

Then did you go ahead?

If you understand the importance of data security, we bet you don’t. Most users these days care about safety. People use their devices for most of their daily tasks and chores, especially finance-related ones, which is why they don’t want someone to breach their credit card data.

So, coming back to the question that the blog topic poses — Is HTTPS good for SEO?

First, let us make sense of the terms HTTP and HTTPS and their difference. Then we will discuss whether you should use HTTPS protocol for your website to boost its SEO.

What is HTTP?

Hypertext transfer protocol or HTTP is a protocol that enables web servers and client computers to communicate with each other on the world wide web.

Web clients send an HTTP request to a web server, which sends an HTTP response upon receiving a request. HTTP is called an application layer protocol.

Now, consider HTTP as someone delivering a parcel (data) from point A to B. This person tries their best to deliver it in the most presentable form. However, it doesn’t care what happens to the parcel during its journey.

It gives HTTP the benefit of loading information quickly because It has little data to deal with. The HTTP protocol doesn’t remember any data it sent previously. Its benefit is fast browsing as it has little...

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