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5 of the strangest Google products that spectacularly failed - Verdict

Last updated Sunday, November 20, 2022 22:05 ET , Source: NewsService

Google is known for releasing a lot of products but it’s also known for quickly shutting a lot of them down.

The company seems to run a “see what sticks approach” to what they release – leaving its customers and those in the tech industry understandably sceptical about the longevity of its new releases.

Google’s failures range from big and small to outright weird products. You’d be excused for never hearing of Google Lively, for example, the strange Second Life copycat which ended up being filled with sex and violence.

It only takes a simple Google search to find a website named Killed By Google: Google Graveyard, which currently lists 275 services, apps and hardware that have been closed down by Google.

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The most recent mainstream culling was Stadia, the tech giant’s cloud gaming service. Google announced in September that it would be completely shutting down the service in January next year. Everyone who purchased Stadia controllers, games and hardware has been promised to be fully refunded.

Phil Harrison, Stadia vice president and GM, claimed the service didn’t gain “the traction with users that we expected.”

This blindsided Stadia’s fanbase as well as some developers that had been planning to release games on the service.

“We have a game coming to Stadia in November,” tweeted Mike Rose, founder of developer No More Robots, “who wants to guess that Google will refuse to pay us the money they owe us for it.”

Google currently has 271 products and services...

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