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8 Crucial Features Your Website Must Have - Entrepreneur

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A well-designed website is critical to the success of any franchise brand. This article outlines the necessary elements for a consumer brand or franchise development site.

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What did we do before websites? Do we even remember a time without them? Not likely. In 1992, there were ten websites online; fast forward 30 years, and there are roughly 1.14 billion made up of 50 billion individual web pages, with three new sites being created every second! That's a lot of information and competition if you're a brand or a business trying to get noticed online.

Today, the garden variety website is ubiquitous, with many of them indistinguishable from the next. But it's still the number one tool brands and businesses have to share their value and vision with their best customers. For a franchise brand or business looking to grow, franchise website development is critical. Your website must be memorable, easy to navigate and SEO optimized. And that's just the beginning.

What goes into high-functioning, hardworking franchise web design and development or a complimentary consumer website? Plenty — and it starts with understanding their primary purpose.

Shaking hands with a brand

A brand is a lot like a person. It is unique and has a personality. It has strengths and it has challenges. It appeals to some and disinterests others. So, how do you introduce your brand to the right people? How do you let them get to know it? The...

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