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Link Building: Is It Safe For SEO? - StartupGuys.net

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Internet pioneers created hyperlinks to help users. These digital shortcuts help users navigate the web. Internal links connect readers from one page to another within a website. External links take users to other sites. And backlinks pull readers from one website to yours.

Strategic link building is essential to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Website writers and managers use backlinks to attract readership from web pages with heavy traffic. Businesses use link-building companies to improve their browser ranking. But is link building safe for SEO?

What’s The Problem?

Google and other browsers feed on advertising. So they police the internet and penalize the organizations misusing link building to avoid advertising charges. But link-building companies can manage Google guidelines and still keep things honest.

Do Links Have Value?

Technically, a website can link to any other website. But a quality link connects with relevant language. If the website promotes a business, it should relate to high-traffic sites like Forbes, the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, etc.

A connection to a small-town newspaper, a travel website, or arcane university research may have little or no value. The best marketing strategies put a virtual price on links, asking, “What would we be willing to pay for the most effective links?”

What’s The Link-Building Strategy?

Theoretical Computer Science asserts, “The problem of obtaining optimal new backlinks in order to achieve good search engine...

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