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The Secret to Google's Algorithm - Browser Media

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I love search engine marketing.

That is unlikely to be a surprise, given my career and role in building Browser Media. Search marketing has always been core to a lot of what we do as an agency and, in my humble opinion, it is impossible to be a good digital marketer without embracing SEO.

I do, however, often feel my blood boiling at some of the bullsh#t that can often permeate the otherwise wonderful SEO world. It genuinely frustrates me and tarnishes our whole industry. Let’s be honest, a lot of people have been burned by the shysters and SEOers are up down there with estate agents in terms of reputation. This exasperation has driven my crusade to make sure that Browser Media is ruthlessly ethical in our approach to SEO.

If I had to single out one aspect of the SEO industry that irritates me the most, it is the attempt to shroud everything in mystery. By using technical / confusing language and suggesting that you need to embrace dark arts to succeed, the charlatans peddle a total lack of transparency. It is the very opposite of the way that we like to work.

I was therefore thrilled to see new heights of transparency from Google this week with the unveiling of the new Guide to Google Search Ranking Systems. Google has always been good at supporting webmasters and resources such as the Google Search Essentials are genuinely helpful at demystifying SEO and explaining, in plain English, how things work at the Googleplex.

The new search ranking guide gives a really useful...

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