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New Google Feature May Help You Find More Relevant Results - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Wednesday, December 7, 2022 18:05 ET , Source: NewsService

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Google is rolling out a new feature in search results that may help people find more relevant content.

The quality of Google’s search results is a hotly debated topic, with many saying it’s getting worse.

Young internet users are even turning to unconventional alternatives, like TikTok, to find the information they need.

Is it possible that people find it challenging to discover relevant content in Google because they’re not entering the correct queries?

That’s a question that Google’s new search feature will answer.

Search Refinements In Google

Google is making it easy to instantly turn short search terms into more specific, long-tail keywords.

With the amount of content available on the web today, it can be difficult for Google to return what you’re looking for if you don’t provide enough details.

A query like “dinner ideas,” for example, will return a much more generic set of results compared to a query like “healthy dinner ideas for kids.”

Now, Google will suggest ways to narrow down your results by modifying the initial query.

Screenshot from: blog.google/products/search/refine-search-results/, December 2022.

In the example above, suggestions appear underneath the search bar.

Tap on one or more of Google’s search refinements to adjust your query.

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