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Imagine walking into a grocery store, list in hand, and all of the store’s products were randomly strewn on tables displayed throughout.

Odds are good that you would U-turn and make the drive to a store where things were better organized. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life sorting through all the products to find the things on your list.

The same is true for your ecommerce website. Organization is critical for a good user experience and good SEO.

Also, imagine having “toilet paper” on your list, but the signs on the various rows say no such thing.

And according to this imaginary grocery store, “toilet paper” is called “tissue for your bottom.”

Does anyone have “tissue for your bottom” on your list?

No. We simply call it “toilet paper.”

Ecommerce mirrors in-store browsing and buying

From studying traffic patterns, grocery stores learned long ago that aligning “like” products makes the shopping experience easier.

As we all know, everyone seems to be there for milk so stores keep them in the back. (“Let’s make sure that folks have to walk past all the other items before getting to the milk!”)

What you call “Products” and where you have them on your ecommerce site (i.e., information architecture and taxonomy) matter quite a bit in SEO.

This hypothetical grocery store is akin to the ecommerce website with “Shop” in the navigation.

  • Once you’ve clicked through, you get a list of every product available on the website.
  • Things need to be organized (categorized). And...

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