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With the pressure to cut ad budgets looming ever larger, and Google’s latest algorithm update, now is the time to ensure you have your SEO in order. Here are seven things to think about for the year ahead…

A top-three keyword ranking has to be laser-focused on search intent, and consider factors like format, how in depth to go, and whether to write for an introductory or advanced audience. That information, as well as crucial intel on what competitor content includes, can be found with SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis.

“Quality is much more important than quantity,” says Kyle Byers, director of organic search at SEO software provider Semrush. “It might take three or four times as much time to create as the number 10 ranking piece of content, but you’ll get 10 times as much traffic, or more.

“Take the top-rated piece of content for ‘cost of solar’ keywords. The main search intent is, ‘How much do solar panels cost?’ But to get into the top three slots, there are a lot more sub-topics you’ll need to cover, such as “Should I buy solar panels?”, “Are there any reasons not to buy solar panels?”, “Are they a good investment?”, “Where can I buy them?”, and so on. All of these subtopics get addressed by the top three ranked pieces of content, and are not typically covered by lower-ranking content. So, if you want those top-ranking spots, you need in-depth, quality content.”

2. How much traffic does a number-one ranked page on Google get compared to position 10?


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