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SEO Tips To Offset Inflation In 2023 12/23/2022 - MediaPost Communications

Last updated Friday, December 23, 2022 16:05 ET , Source: NewsService

Inflation in 2022 meant tightening of budgets, but the demand for cost-effective and dependable channels became key to understanding consumer behavior.

Despite market fluctuations, search continues to support growth.

As traditional and paid-media costs rise, search engine optimization (SEO) specifically has become the key marketing channel to offer business insights across all digital channels, including connected TV (CTV), content, paid search, email, and display.

“We see every year that companies focusing on SEO see a compounding return on their investment,” says Jim Yu, CEO at BrightEdge. “If you can do well in organic, you continue to do better and better. It’s something we’re seeing in the data.”

This past year has been no different. For example, BrightEdge took a sample of the top-ranking pages for the top 1,000 ecommerce terms and tracked how they performed during the past year, he says.

This year, those same pages drove 20% more keywords each.

Based on click data, this 20% increase actually equated to a 120% lift in traffic.

It is largely attributable to the way the search algorithm is designed to work. If users are engaging with a brand’s page it builds authority, and as more searches emerge related to that page, the page is shown for those different keywords, too.

If marketers want to increase traffic by 20% using paid search, and the site already drove 1 million visitors from search, it would require a “massive incremental spend to realize that same number,” Yu...

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