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3 Key SEO Tips From This Founder Who Used Search Engine ... - Forbes

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Branding has evolved from an aspect of marketing to an art form. It takes engaging with customers on all levels and devising a strategic SEO plan to boost visibility.

Appearing on page one of Google search rankings doesn’t happen overnight. Strategy and consistency are vital to the beginning stages of increased awareness. Additionally, patience is required to achieve long-term goals in marketing and sales. Google currently holds 92.58% of the total search engine market share, and 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Maricielo Solis, founder of BLENDtw, studied the inner workings of how SEO works to elevate her platform for college students. BLENDtw is the leading community for Gen Z, covering college life, wellness and culture. Although it took over a year for her SEO efforts to gain traction, Solis now operates a seven-figure company.

“I had spent all my savings and spent about $10,000 in hiring all these writers and making the publication prettier,” she explains. “I didn’t know why we weren’t getting the traction that we got four months ago with one particular story. I started realizing that I was doing something wrong. I was doing everything wrong because I didn’t know how the publishing world worked... I then understood that I was completely missing SEO. So for you to create content that ranks on Google, there are specific guidelines that you have to follow... I applied all that framework to my website. And it took off. We went from having 10,000...

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