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First TikTok, Now ChatGPT. Is Google’s reign over? - Little Black Book - LBBonline

Last updated Thursday, February 2, 2023 08:05 ET , Source: NewsService

Becky Jenkins, SEO manager at TMW UNNLIMITED, part of UNLIMITED on the rise of AI and the numerous issues that come with it

The use of generative AI has been floating around the digital marketing circles for some time, just in a slightly more inaccessible format. Relying on those with the dedication to experiment and share their cheat sheets, it’s been a handy shortcut to small wins in efficiency. From categorising bulks of information to generating image file names, bringing AI into the day-to-day of tasks can free up time for the more interesting and strategic parts of the job.

For many others, generative AI is seen as a huge opportunity to overhaul their digital operations. There’s no need to detail the various reasons why not to sack the entire content team in favour of a language model chatbot, but in case it’s a consideration, don’t. No matter how many ‘SEO Gurus’ on LinkedIn are claiming it works for their test sites. The real challenge this poses for brands and marketers goes beyond the immediate noise.

ChatGPT’s launch has brought around lots of interesting uses, but re-highlighted numerous issues with AI too. Discrimination, misinformation and copyright; it’s not a pretty path to navigate and a messy one to jump into without hesitation. There’s a reason why Meta and Google are keeping their own language models from being publicly available, these companies have a lot more reputational value at stake than the Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI.

It’s not the only trend...

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