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In the early days of digital marketing, the notion you could somehow get your website to appear prominently in search results and some people would take an action step was music to the ears of anyone who had spent considerable amounts of time cold calling and dealing with the rejection from multitudes of uninterested people.

Those early days of the internet where simply having a website could prove profitable are ancient history. A much more sophisticated approach that incorporates monitoring website effectiveness and making incremental enhancements is vital for success in today’s dramatically more competitive environment.

Below are three areas of focus to increase the likelihood of your website becoming an ongoing profit center for your business.

1. Study your competitors

Most business don’t have to look too hard to figure out who’s targeting the same buyers. It’s as simple as doing a search on your most important keywords and seeing who is showing up (both paid and organically). Although there may be nonrelated uses of the words, you should be able to identify websites outside of your own that may (or may not) be doing a better job of explaining the benefits of their offerings and the credibility of their business.

It may also become evident that your website presents well in comparison to related competitors. Regardless, there are likely to be small points that could be improved upon based on your observations. Closely related to this is consistently revisiting the...

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