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Preparing Pakistan for Future Battlespace - Daily Times

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For the world superpowers, the battlegrounds are changing evolving and become evermore complex with the passage of time. Warfare over the past three decades has evolved multidimensionally. The new battlegrounds are not limited to just a battlefield where two armies meet and kinetic engagement follows, rather, there are multiple battlegrounds, each unique and more complicated than the other. The contemporary wars and the wars of the future will be fought in the mind of an individual, on the screens of devices being held by these individuals, in the streets of belligerent states, in the legislatures of the enemy states, in the civil societies of contending nations, in the data banks of the foes, in the economic hubs of the rivals, in the space above the and even in the deep seas, so on and so forth. It is not an unreasonable assessment to say that everything that we as an individual, society or nation interact with, can be turned into a weapon with the right application of relevant social or technological agency.
The United States of America constituted a special task force dubbed as ‘Special Competitive Studies Project’ (SCSP) with the intention of assessing the threat from China and other hostile nations and how to counter these threats effectively. The project was Chaired by Dr. Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO Google) and Mr Ylli Bajraktari, (President & CEO SCSP). It is quite interesting how the ex-CEO of Google, was chosen to lead a Defense assessment project. This clearly...

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