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SpamBrain: How Google Keeps Spam Out Of Search Results And What It Means For SEO - Forbes

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It's no secret that Google hates spam. Ever since the search engine's launch over two decades ago, it has adopted a variety of safeguards to keep spam out of its search results. For instance, it evaluates websites' backlinks for signs of manipulation and allows users to report websites for spam.

Google even has an artificial intelligence algorithm, known as SpamBrain, that's designed specifically to keep spam out of its search results. If you operate a business website, you should take precautions to ensure that it's not targeted by SpamBrain.

A Deeper Look At SpamBrain

Not to be confused with RankBrain, SpamBrain works around the clock to protect Google users from spam-filled search results. It doesn't just devalue spam's rankings. If SpamBrain believes a website or page is spam, the algorithm will remove it from Google's search results. The website or page won't rank in any organic position for any search query.

Google doesn't want search users to encounter spam in its results pages. Spam websites and pages are low-quality at best and malicious at worst.

In a Google Search Central post, the company credited SpamBrain with helping it make more than 99% of searches spam-free.

Google still uses conventional algorithm updates to keep spam out of its search results. SpamBrain is simply a separate algorithm that's baked into the search...

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