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How to Crush CX, Attract New Leads as an HVAC Business Owner - ACHR NEWS

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Acquiring leads as an HVAC business owner is essentially playing the word-of-mouth game. Once you get a new HVAC lead that becomes a customer, you improve your chances of booking more work. With word-of-mouth trickling down with the right lead generation strategies, there’s opportunity to turn hundreds of strangers into potential customers. So, what are the best ways to get leads as an HVAC business owner? A combination of digital marketing, traditional advertising, and good old word-of-mouth.

Make Online Booking Easy

It’s key to begin by adding an online work request form to your HVAC website — this allows casual visitors to stick around and turn into leads. Customers should be able to request or inquire about new work on their own time through the website, without having to call or email. Added bonus: The information they submit makes it easy to create an estimate before even connecting with the customer.

Here's what will make an online request form most successful:

  1. Make your unique selling point clear on the homepage. That can include competitive pricing, lightning-fast emergency services, or showcasing years of experience.
  2. Add a booking button with an eye-catching color to the very top of your homepage (and on every page) with action-oriented messaging like “Book Now” or “Get a Free Estimate.”
  3. Keep the form short and succinct by only asking the need-to-know questions.

Enhance Online Listings

The math is simple: The...

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