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Why Do Fungal Toenail Infections Get Worse in the Winter?

Last updated Monday, March 20, 2023 11:42 ET , Source: Crystal Flush

Learn why fungal toenail infections can worsen in the winter.

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Many people experience a worsening of their toenail fungal infection during the winter. Fungal toenail infections are caused by dermatophytes, a fungus that thrives in moist and warm environments. In the winter, the combination of closed shoes, heavy socks, and cold weather increases moisture and warmth, creating an ideal breeding ground for fungi. The following are some reasons why fungal toenail infections can worsen in the winter.

Putting on Closed Shoes

During the winter, people wear closed shoes and boots to keep their feet warm. On the other hand, closed shoes and boots can trap moisture inside, creating a warm and humid environment that promotes fungal growth. The fungus thrives in moist environments and can spread to other toes.

More time spent indoors

People spend more time indoors during the winter, particularly in public places such as gyms, swimming pools, and saunas. These areas can be breeding grounds for fungi, and walking barefoot can easily lead to a fungal infection.

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Neglecting to take proper care of one's toes

People tend to neglect their toes in winter because they are mostly covered up. Neglect can exacerbate the fungal infection because the fungus can grow and spread if not treated.

Inadequate Foot Circulation

During the winter, people's feet tend to have poor circulation, weakening their immune system's ability to fight fungal infections. As a result, the fungus may spread to other body parts.

Keeping your feet dry and clean during the winter is essential to avoid worsening fungal toenail infections. Avoid wearing closed shoes and boots for extended periods; opt for breathable footwear. To keep your feet dry, trim your toes and use antifungal sprays, powders, or dietary supplements, such as Crystal Flush. Most importantly, seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a fungal infection. Before the condition worsens, a podiatrist can help diagnose and treat it.

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