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6 Reasons Why Learning Needs Skill Management Software to be Effective

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People are the biggest asset in any business. If your organization wants to make the most of their current employees, it’s ..

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People are the biggest asset in any business. If your organization wants to make the most of their current employees, it’s time to investigate skill management software. 

What is Skill Management Software?

Otherwise known as competency management software, these programs identify and develop skills in individual employees. They help to address skill gaps in an organization and allocate resources as best possible. It should also allow managers to measure and track individual employee skillsets. This provides information that can help the company make data-based decisions.

It’s about making the most of a workforce and enabling growth in individuals while driving productivity and success across the board. 

There are six big benefits of competency management software that your organization can benefit from.

1. Discover Hidden Talents and Fill Skill Gaps

As the organization changes and adjusts, new needs arise, and gaps are created. Knowing exactly what employee strengths and capabilities exist facilitates faster implementation of a solution. 

A growing organization should always be looking out for good people with great skills, and using software can help the business ensure the right people are hired to suit the skill shortages. Or, managers can easily see if a relevant skill set exists within the organization, and then fill positions internally rather than having to go through a recruitment process.

Skill management software can also help to identify skill gaps. These could be holding the organization back from success and growth. This allows managers to identify people who can step up, arrange relevant training in the learning management system, and add value and skills to the existing workforce.

2. Increase Productivity

If you have great people, you need to invest in them. Unsupported staff that aren’t encouraged to grow will quickly leave. This is especially true when there is constant change; new technology and systems can be overwhelming, even for the most technology-savvy.

Competency management software helps by finding those shortfalls when technology outstrips the skill level. This means managers can easily identify where upskilling is required to bridge the gap. 

This not only helps you get buy in from staff, but also means technology is utilized to the fullest, increasing productivity.

3. Identify and Retain Great Talent

It’s expensive and time consuming to recruit new employees. The results also aren’t guaranteed; hiring a less-than-ideal person means you’re re-hiring again soon.

Get it right the first time. Your competency management software can show exactly what the business requires. This informs HR better so they can hire the right person, every time. 

This not only means less wasted time and money in recruitment, but a happier and more satisfied workforce. This means you retain those great employees for longer.

4. Minimise Risk

Compliance with legislation is vital, not only to avoid negative outcomes, but also for high performance. Competency management software identifies if there’s a gap in compliance and quickly gets the team up to speed. Less incidents, more compliance, better outcomes, and far less risk.

5. Find Future Leaders

Sometimes, the wrong people are promoted or hired. Many organizations think that competency in a role equates to being able to lead a team. This is simply not true, and the outcome of poor leadership is low performance and high staff turnover.

Competency management software systems uses skills mapping and training needs analysis to identify those with strong leadership qualities. Great employees can be promoted, keeping their knowledge in the business, and growing strong teams.

6. Increase Efficiency of Reskilling

Upskilling is a relatively simple process because you’re building on existing knowledge and skills. Reskilling involves taking a sideways step, and it can be more challenging both for employees, and the business struggling to keep operations flowing smoothly. Not only that, but how do you roll out training; to the entire team, across all locations, or just to individuals? 

Competency management software helps by keeping track of who knows what, where they are located, who has completed which training programs, and is it enough?

There’s no errors, no omissions, and it’s all automated; no tedium. It should also complement learning management systems which deliver the training to employees, so there’s a seamless transition through the entire process.

Help Your Employees Grow and Succeed in Their Roles

A great organization is dependent on having great employees. By using competency management platforms, you’re able to create an in-depth understanding of staff, their weaknesses, goals, and competencies. This leads to a holistic view of the HR structure of the business, highlighting skill gaps or area of strength. 

Choosing a great platform can lead an organization to success and growth, supporting employees to succeed.

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