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KISS PR Brand Story Releases New Guidelines for Writing Effective Press Releases That Get Published in Bloomberg

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These tips can help business owners make the most of their press releases and improve their chances of being featured in Bloomberg.

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KISS PR Brand Story team has recently released a new reel on his Instagram that shares tips to his followers on how to write a compelling press release that gets published in Bloomberg using our news partners. 

“Capturing the attention of journalists and readers is essential for a press release in the competitive world of media and news. With Bloomberg's extensive reach and authority, producing a news release that stands out and is published is necessary,” Agnes Zang said.

Here are the tips highlighted in the reel that can help business owners make the most of their press releases and improve their chances of being featured in Bloomberg.

Write a Captivating Headline: A press release's headline influences a reader's first impression; it is crucial to make it compelling and attention-grabbing. It should capture the essence of the news shortly and engagingly to persuade journalists and readers to read on.

Concise, Informative, and Engaging: Keep the press release short and engaging. Journalists receive many pitches daily; the content must be comprehensive, entertaining, and valuable to readers. To attract their interest, the most newsworthy aspect of the press release announcement should be highlighted.

Strong Action Verbs and Newsworthy Content: Strong action verbs in press releases convey a sense of urgency and impact. It should focus on the most newsworthy angle to make the release relevant and exciting to journalists and their audiences.

Clear and Concise Language: The press release must be clear and concise, avoiding jargon or technical phrases that may confuse the readers. The goal is to communicate and guarantee that many readers understand the announcement successfully.

Keep Sentences Short and Simple: In press releases, simplicity is essential. Each sentence should be brief and straightforward to grasp. This improves reading and allows for better message absorption.

Well-Structured Press Release: A well-structured press release helps journalists access critical information quickly. It also improves readability and increases the likelihood of the news story being picked up by journalists. Sticking to standard headlines, subheads, datelines, lead paragraphs, body paragraphs, and contact information structure is necessary.

Focus on Newsworthy Content: Instead of a blog post or an opinion article, ensure the press release has newsworthy content. Journalists seek timely and relevant information that their readers will find helpful.

Why Is Publishing on Bloomberg Important for Your Brand?

Publishing a press release on Bloomberg is extremely important for businesses aiming to spread awareness of their brands. Bloomberg is a well-known and reputable news website with millions of monthly visits. By getting a press release published on Bloomberg, brands gain exposure to a large audience.

“Affiliation with a reputable brand such as Bloomberg boosts credibility and indicates a brand's competence. It establishes the company as legitimate and trustworthy, attracting investors and potential local clients looking for dependable, high-quality products and services,” Zaman explained.

Furthermore, publishing on Bloomberg broadens the brand's reach beyond the company's website or lower-tier media sites. Bloomberg's vast traffic and authority ensure it reaches a larger audience, boosting the likelihood of creating interest and getting attention.

Submitting a press release to a reputable platform like Bloomberg allows a brand to demonstrate its industry expertise. When people seek industry-related information, having a press release appear on high-ranking search engine results pages increases visibility and establishes the brand as a credible source of information.

Mastering writing an excellent press release is vital for securing publishing on significant platforms such as Bloomberg. Implementing the earlier recommendations and comprehending the significance of publishing on Bloomberg can dramatically increase a brand's exposure, reputation, and reach.

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