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Key SEO trends: The long tail and multimodal search - Econsultancy

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SEO in 2023 is a very different beast to SEO in 2013, or even 2018. Although search rankings are no longer as dramatically affected from algorithm update to algorithm update, staying on top of the latest practices and guidelines does make a difference, ensuring that SEOs aren’t caught unaware by a new development or unable to explain a change in ranking.

So what are the current trends shaping search, and what should SEOs do to respond to them?

Part 1 covered the importance of first-hand expertise demonstrated by content creators, as highlighted in Google’s Search Quality Evaluators guidelines, and also looked at what generative AI means for search.

In part 2:

  • the growing long tail;
  • multimodal search and multisearch;
  • video content and search.

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The growing ‘long tail’

At the end of 2022, Google started rolling out an interface change aimed at “making it … easier to dive deeper” into a search. Now, Google will suggest related keywords to drill deeper into a search term – for example, searching “England World cup” will lead to Google suggesting that you add “standings”, “squad”, “wins” or “fixtures” to your search, with the additional keywords appearing alongside the News and Images options below the search bar.

These will still redirect to Google News and Google Images respectively,...

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