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ZTX Reveals First Partner Wearables In Collaboration With Dust Labs - Yahoo Finance

Last updated Thursday, August 17, 2023 15:05 ET , Source: NewsService

DeGods holders will get access to exclusive branded partner wearables created by ZTX, available via Avatar Builder and compatible with the upcoming 3D open-world

Singapore, Singapore , July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Caption: ZTX unveils first partner wearables in collaboration with Dust Labs

Virtual world platform ZTX has unveiled its first partner wearables in collaboration with Dust Labs, a startup powering the technology behind the DeGods and y00ts digital collections.

ZTX partner wearables is a community-centric initiative in which ZTX works closely with its partners to create exclusive, branded wearables accessible via the ZTX Avatar Builder, a web application where users can create a customizable full-body 3D avatar with wearables and cosmetics to use in the ZTX 3D open-world platform.

ZTX wearables present an avenue for digital collectible projects, such as DeGods, to reward their community members with diverse 3D utility assets that extend the original IP into new immersive experiences. By providing a suite of customizable tools such as wearables, ZTX presents avenues for digital collections to expand their universe without having to build comprehensive applications from the ground up.

As part of the partnership with Dust Labs, ZTX will offer a token-gated experience for DeGods holders where they can claim DeGods-branded hoodies and sweatpants within the Avatar Builder. DeGods holders will be able to wear their ZTX Avatars with the exclusive wearables, which...

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