Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Google releases November 2023 reviews update - Search Engine Land

Last updated Thursday, November 9, 2023 08:02 ET , Source: NewsService

As expected, Google has released the November 2023 reviews update today on November 8, 2023 at around 12 pm ET. This will be the last time Google announces a reviews update because, as it said, “because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.”

Google posted, “Released the November 2023 reviews update. Learn more about how to write high quality reviews. Going forward, as the reviews system is now being improved at a regular and ongoing pace, we will no longer be posting about future updates on the status dashboard..”

No more announcements. Google said, “we’ll no longer be giving periodic notifications of improvements to our reviews system.” We have had a total of 8 reviews updates confirmed by Google since the first reviews update launched in April 2021.

What is new. Besides for this update no longer being confirmed by Google going forward, Google said the update is happening at a “regular and ongoing pace.” That makes it sound like the reviews update is now a more real-time update. So changes to your site, for better or worse, may be reflected with this reviews system in more real-time that just when Google pushes out a new update to the reviews system.

This update still is a global update that impacts these languages; English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish.

Product reviews to reviews update. With the last reviews update, the April 2023 reviews update, Google stopped naming them the product...

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