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China, Pakistan institutions to collaborate in agri research - DAWN.com

Last updated Saturday, November 11, 2023 03:02 ET

ISLAMABAD:The Huazhong Agricultural University of China has decided to collaborate with Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) in the field of agricultural research, and in this regard a ‘letter of intention’ was signed in Islamabad on Friday.
“We aspire to enhance joint agricultural research projects and agricultural trade with Pakistan”, says President of Huazhong Agricultural University, Li Zhaohu after signing the letter of intention.
A joint delegation of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) and the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences of China visited the National Agricultural Research Centre.
Both the institutions are leading agricultural research in China and are globally recognised, holding prominent positions in world rankings. HZAU has a strong background of agriculture and bioscience.
President of Huazhong Agricultural University presented an overview of the university’s history and functionality, and emphasized potential areas of collaboration with PARC, specifically focusing on genetic improvement of crops, vegetable molecular breeding and quality improvement, infectious diseases of animals, and genetic enhancement of aquaculture.
He also highlighted the importance of scientific collaboration in genetic diversity, biotechnology, germplasm exchange and conservation. Mr Li expressed the hope of strengthening collaborative research on agricultural advancement and promoting agricultural trade with Pakistan.
PARC Chairman Dr Ghulam Mohammad Ali, made...

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