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Conveying keyword insights to non-SEOs: A visual approach - Search Engine Land

Last updated Monday, November 13, 2023 11:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Explaining keyword research to those unfamiliar with SEO to gain support can be challenging.

Stakeholders often find it difficult to grasp the value of SEO, and at the same time, SEOs struggle to communicate the benefits and contributions effectively.

Fortunately, there are strategies available for SEOs to bridge this gap by employing their keyword research more strategically and effectively.

This article explores a visual approach for effectively communicating keyword research insights with stakeholders outside the search industry.

Leveraging unique visuals

Non-SEO-savvy stakeholders may not know much about search keywords but likely understand general marketing concepts like the marketing funnel and audience segments.

You can use this understanding to explore keywords more deeply and create strategies that align with these broader marketing terms.

One critical yet frequently overlooked element here is search intent.

You can group keywords based on intent and create a bubble chart to visually represent the position of each keyword cluster within the marketing funnel, like the chart below.

The chart clearly shows the content needed to help searchers at each level of the marketing funnel. Overall, it reveals the necessary content for different stages of the funnel.

But it’s not just limited to that; you can also narrow it down to specific topics or subsets of keywords. This allows for a detailed analysis and a better understanding of the specific types of content needed for...

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