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Rebuilding the Porsche 944 S2: A Masterclass in Car Restoration

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Design911 the Porsche performance parts supplier, explores the transformation of a 944 S2 into a modern iteration of the classic Porsche

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Rebuilding the Porsche 944 S2: A Masterclass in Car Restoration
Rebuilding the Porsche 944 S2: A Masterclass in Car Restoration

In the latest episode in the Porsche Spotlight Series, Design911 – expert parts, performance upgrade and components supplier – explores the journey to transform a 944 S2 into a modern, timeless and revived iteration of the classic Porsche.

Liam Freeman, The Back Roads presenter and co-founder hosts, explains his lifelong passion for rally driving and how he became enthralled by the unique functionality and quality of Porsche models developed during the 1970s and 80s before focusing on road cars produced by the famous marque.

With his first purchase of a Porsche 944 S2, this video follows the thought process in choosing this model as Freeman’s first foray into the word of Porsche restoration – and how this car has a unique position as an entry point for the next generation of enthusiasts.

The Design911 Guide to a Porsche 944 S2 Rebuild

While often considered a less desirable model than the ever-popular 911 Porsche, the Porsche 944 S2 is unique in that it is comparable to the 944 turbo and yet with a naturally aspirated three-litre 16-valve engine with an impressive 210 brake horsepower.

These properties mean that, when it was produced, the model offered one of the most powerful engines in production, with a subtlety of design detail that speaks to connoisseurs of classic cars who seek out vehicles that are tasteful and yet with the scope to make modifications to reflect the personality of the driver.

Rebuilds can be controversial, with differing opinions about whether to restore the car as it would have originally looked and performed fresh from the production line – but Freeman makes the point that these models, with more accessible price points, introduce a new way for drivers to make their own stamp, and experience the joy of rebuilding from a blank canvas.

During the rebuild, supported by the supply of high-quality parts from Design911, Freeman recollects the joy of artistry in making personalised choices and modifying everything from the suspension, interior and wheels to the bodywork and engine to an OEM-plus style standard.

The full video is available to watch now via YouTube.

The Importance of Quality Parts in a Vintage Car Restoration

There is little doubt that Porsche parts and components play an important role in a successful restoration, with the breadth of choice and quality across the extensive Design911 catalogue a key asset that assisted with this rebuild.

Freeman comments on this factor, stating that Design911 has played a vital role in helping Porsche drivers, collectors, and enthusiasts revive project cars to an exceptional level of quality, particularly for models that are currently out of the limelight and have yet to gain the traction necessary for wider-scope production.

He specifies that the continual updates of the variety of choices available through Design911 are an essential element that ensures that Porsche models that are less collectable, available at lower price points, and are, depending on opinion, underappreciated can be restored to the same level of performance as more widely revered models.

The special aspect of a Porsche 944 S2 restoration is that anybody with a love of performance cars, repairs, or bringing classic vehicles back into the condition they could have presented during their prime years is accessible – without the price barriers that mean many better-known models are only available to those with substantial budgets.

Factors to Consider When Rebuilding and Restoring a Classic Porsche

There are various ways to approach a Porsche restoration, but one of the essentials is to think carefully about the model you decide to buy and whether you have the budget to finance the acquisition of the parts or performance upgrades you may need to achieve your aspirations.

It is also important to verify whether the parts and components you expect to invest in are available – or to consult a specialist provider such as Design911 to explore the upgrades, OEM or aftermarket parts that may be suitable and compatible.

Aftercare support is hugely influential in the success of a rebuild when there is the choice between new, off-the-shelf, original and guaranteed-quality parts. Rare, unusual and hard-to-find parts can make a significant impact on your project timescales and costs, and if there are no appropriate alternatives, it may set you back by months.

Porsche itself also advises that enthusiasts embarking on a restoration always use legitimate, reputable and quality parts – irrespective of whether a specific component, interior design feature or bodywork panel is challenging to secure.

Poor-quality or imitation parts are rarely worth purchasing and can mean a Porsche that you have lovingly spent years restoring starts malfunctioning or showing signs or performance deficiencies shortly after it first revisits the road.

Time vs Costs in a Classic Porsche Restoration

Reviving a classic car that may not have been driven for many years or may have accumulated numerous signs of neglect while being stored in a garage isn’t a project that you should select for profitability or any returns other than the satisfaction of seeing an exceptional quality vehicle gain a new lease for life.

While there are collectors markets out there, and some high-demand models can fetch extraordinary price tags, the pursuit of profit can be detrimental to the experience and the inevitable effort and time you need to invest in bringing a car back to its former glory, part by part, piece by piece and component by component.

Professional restorers have a competitive edge in this market due to their access to cutting-edge tools, but that by no means indicates that first-time restorers cannot indulge their passion and learn the skills necessary as they go.

One essential factor, according to Design911, is never to cut a corner, no matter the temptation to finish a rebuild quickly or choose a substandard part for convenience. An end-to-end rebuild might involve painting, bodywork, electronics and welding. While it may take a commitment to learn these capabilities, the long-term outcome is that you will gain the knowledge that hands-on restorers are known for.

For more help with your very own Porsche 944 S2 rebuild or for access to expertise in components, parts and interior panels for any restoration, please get in touch with the Design911 team at your convenience.

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