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Design 911 Implements EU Delivery Promise Amid Sector-Wide Delays and Supply Problems for Car Parts

Last updated Thursday, April 13, 2023 17:18 ET , Source: Design 911

A market leading UK-based specialist of Porsche parts with an EU-wide client base, Design911, has introduced a market-leading delivery assurance guarantee, bucking the trend for considerable delays.

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Design911, the market leading UK-based specialist of Porsche parts with an EU-wide client base, highlights that showrooms, mechanics and other vehicle maintenance professionals are reporting shortfalls and logistical backlogs of an average of eight months. This is affecting turnaround times, customer satisfaction and the speed at which cars and other vehicles can be fitted with high-quality replacement parts.

Scarcity and Supply Challenges in the UK and EU Automotive Sector

Components and parts have become delayed in both production and delivery, impacted by shortages of raw materials and manufacturing capacity and the knock-on effect of mass closures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motability, the British charity that supports less abled individuals or wheelchair users with adaptive vehicles, reported last year that a shortage of semiconductor chips due to prioritisation and production delays were causing increased advance payments and delays stretching by as much as a year.

A report by The Motor Ombudsman estimates that almost 80% of dealerships, workshops and garages have experienced increased operational costs, with 72% struggling to obtain replacement parts.

There are varied factors that have combined to create this global shortage:

  • Pandemic shutdowns meant that production capacity declined significantly, and those components that were manufactured could not be shipped due to logistics shortages.
  • A large proportion of automotive parts are manufactured in China, which has only just lifted the strictest zero-COVID policies worldwide.
  • Lack of availability in new vehicles means a strain on courtesy car banks, giving rise to greater demand for repairs and maintenance.
  • Brexit has also been an element, creating gaps in capacity in the European manufacturing sector.

Added to these complex issues, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has widened the breadth of the problem, since around 30% of the world’s steel supplies originate from Belarus and Ukraine. Independent garages, car owners and fleet managers have become frustrated at ongoing delays, which in many cases do not seem to be coming to an end.

Design 911 Launches New Warehouse Expansion

Design911, a specialist provider of Porsche oem parts and components, recognised the growing pressure within the industry. It launched a new European warehouse in January 2023, based in The Netherlands, making a bold investment to combat the supply issues prevalent elsewhere.

This transition has proven extremely successful, allowing the experienced next day Porsche parts supplier to disseminate essential supplies of components between UK and EU facilities and enabling it to ship parts faster and pass on cost savings directly to commercial clients.

The company has introduced a next-day delivery service throughout Europe, covering all Porsche parts Europe, components, and additional items, drawing on a solid reputation for sourcing rare and hard-to-find Porsche parts established over the last 20 years.

Karl Chopra, Design 911 Managing Director, says: “Importing directly to our new Dutch warehousing facility, with extensive features and goods-in management, has enabled us to meet demand head-on, even during the busiest trading periods.

We have been planning this expansion since last year and realised early on how serious delays, shipping times, and the increased costs of post-Brexit logistics would affect our valued clients. Reliability, fair pricing and quality are the cornerstones of Design911, and we are delighted to be able to offer a service that cannot be found elsewhere.”

Managing Demand During Vehicle Component Delays

Design911 recommends that garages, automotive repair professionals and mechanics be cautious when relying on third-party or aftermarket parts and components in place of recognised OEM parts.

While aftermarket parts are produced to be as compatible as possible, there may be a drop in performance compared to genuine OEM components manufactured by the same production facilities that develop the vehicle.

Third-party components are often appealing as a cheaper option. Still, if the vehicle brand does not endorse them, there is the potential to void manufacturer warranties or impact other components within the vehicle.

Clients sourcing original, branded and OEM Porsche replacement parts from Design911 can now experience a fast delivery service as standard, including UK and EU consumers, backed by a shipping guarantee.

In the meantime, Sky News reports hopes that supply chain constraints will ease during the months ahead, with an expectation that the 40.5% reduction in UK car manufacturing between 2019 and 2022 will begin to recover.

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