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Learn How to Get Repeat Customers for Your Online Store

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Tiktok page by Valley Digital Marketing shared tips to help you get repeat customers on your online store.

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Getting customers can be made possible through various marketing techniques, but to get those customers to buy from you again can be pretty tricky. So if you own an online store, this is for you.

In this video, Valley DM shares ways to get repeat customers.

Here are the tips shares by Valley DM :

  • Go to business. facebook.com

  • Create a campaign and name it" retargeting."

  • Go to Shopify and download the customers who have shipped from you before.

  • Then set the level of the Facebook Ads Manager and go to create a new audience.

  • Do a custom audience and go to the customer list.

  • Upload the list of your past customers, and this way, you can show the ads to people who have bought from you before.

  • You can either upsell them on the same card they bought or spend money on cold traffic to get new customers.

  • Make sure that you build a big enough base where you can retarget people and get them to buy from you regularly.

These can prove to be some great ideas to get regular repeat customers.

Keep checking this space to get more tips on small business and online store growth.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@valleydm/video/7072449512656211242?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

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