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Professional Athlete Shares Personal Struggle with Opiate Addiction and Breakthrough Treatment

Last updated Wednesday, January 10, 2024 14:42 ET , Source: Ibogaine By David Dardashti

Opiate addiction effects people of all walks off life. The end result of addiction is always the same

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An 8-year professional athlete, has recently opened up about his past struggles with opiate addiction and his journey to recovery. After years of battling injuries and relying on opiate medication, Gilmore found himself dependent on Suboxone for 10 years. However, with the help of a breakthrough treatment, he was finally able to break free from all opiate dependence and begin his healing process.

In his testimony, Gilmore shares how his injuries as a professional athlete led him down a dangerous path of opiate addiction. Despite trying various conventional detox methods, he found himself unable to fully overcome his dependence on Suboxone. It wasn't until he discovered Ibogaine treatment that he was able to make a breakthrough in his recovery.

Ibogaine treatment is a natural plant-based therapy that has been shown to effectively treat opiate addiction. Unlike conventional detox methods, Ibogaine targets the root cause of addiction and helps individuals break free from their dependence in a much shorter period of time. For Gilmore, this treatment was a game-changer and allowed him to finally begin his healing process.

Gilmore hopes that by sharing his story, he can raise awareness about the effectiveness of Ibogaine treatment and help others who may be struggling with opiate addiction. He believes that this breakthrough treatment has the potential to change the lives of many and hopes that more people will have access to it in the future.

Gilmore's story serves as a reminder that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their background or profession. However, with the right treatment and support, recovery is possible. Gilmore's courage to share his journey and the success of Ibogaine treatment is a beacon of hope for those struggling with opiate addiction.

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