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TikTok Influencer @ryanpenida Shares His Opinion on Cryptocurrency

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Ryan Penida, a TikTok Influencer, discusses cryptocurrency from his perspective.

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While speaking in a podcast, Ryan says that NFTs are like real estate, they are not liquid, and they have utility. Whereas crypto is like stocks, you trade it, have liquidity, and go up and down.

In this video, Ryan Penida shares his perspective on cryptocurrency.

Here are the things shared by Ryan :

  • Crypto can be challenging. If enough people give something a lot of value, its value will go high.

  • Things like Ethereum have real-world practicality to them. Especially with NFT movements.

  • It is appreciated as we use it for transactions in daily life.

Crypto is still a strange thing to many people, and however, it is proving to be one of the greatest assets in the present scenario.

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