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Rapid URL Indexer Debuts Indexing Service With Groundbreaking Features

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Rapid URL Indexer provides indexing for 20 URLs for just 1 USD, with automatic refunds for unindexed URLs.

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Rapid URL Indexer is revolutionizing the way websites get indexed on Google with its innovative indexing service. It allows 20 URLs to be indexed for only 1 USD, setting a new standard in affordability and efficiency in the industry.

Rapid URL Indexer stands out by using 100% safe indexing methods, avoiding spammy links or other questionable techniques that could harm a website’s search engine rankings or reputation. This commitment to safety guarantees that all indexing methods used by Rapid URL Indexer are completely secure and beneficial for the websites it serves.

Rapid URL Indexer provides advanced URL indexing services with a focus on affordability, safety, and efficiency.
Rapid URL Indexer

One of the key features of Rapid URL Indexer is its flexible credits system, which operates on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model. Unlike other services that trap users in subscription models, it allows users to pay only for the exact number of URLs that are successfully indexed.

Rapid URL Indexer boasts an unmatched indexing rate, higher than most other indexing services on the market. This efficiency means that users can get their URLs indexed on Google, even those that might have previously seemed impossible to index. The service has proven its effectiveness, with over 457,191 URLs indexed and a 91% average indexing rate, resulting in significant savings for users.

Additionally, Rapid URL Indexer offers detailed and accurate indexing reports. Users can access visual charts and download CSV files to keep track of their indexing status, ensuring transparency and ease of monitoring. These detailed reports help users understand the effectiveness of the indexing service and make informed decisions about their website’s SEO strategies.

Competitive pricing is another advantage of Rapid URL Indexer. On average, it costs 10 times less than other indexing services, which do not offer a 100% refund guarantee and have lower indexing rates. This affordability, combined with the high indexing success rate, makes Rapid URL Indexer a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

Unlike many indexing services, Rapid URL Indexer does not require access to Google Search Console. This feature allows users to submit any URL for indexing, regardless of whether they have access to Google Search Console, providing greater flexibility and ease of use.

In addition to its core services, Rapid URL Indexer offers a free WordPress plugin. This plugin enables users to automatically submit newly published or updated posts for Google indexing, further simplifying the process and ensuring that content is indexed quickly and efficiently.

For developers and businesses looking to integrate search engine indexing services into their systems, Rapid URL Indexer offers an easy-to-use RESTful API. Users can find their API key on the My Projects page, making it simple to integrate the service into their existing workflows.

Rapid URL Indexer is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and efficiency in the indexing industry. By combining advanced technology with user-friendly features, the website indexer ensures businesses can achieve their SEO goals with minimal effort and cost.

For more information on Rapid URL Indexer, visit https://rapidurlindexer.com/.

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Rapid URL Indexer provides advanced URL indexing services with a focus on affordability, safety, and efficiency. With a pay-as-you-go model and high indexing success rates, the website indexer ensures that businesses only pay for successfully indexed URLs.


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