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Rising Costs Sparks Boom for Online Legal Forms

Last updated Thursday, March 1, 2012 14:03 ET

EasyAgreements.com website sees surge of interest in online legal documents and online legal forms.

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With a surge of interest in Online Legal Forms, it is no coincidence that law school admissions have seen a decline in enrollment. Mounting student debt in conjunction rising costs has seen a cause effect of more seeking to do their own legal work online in a time where law school enrollment seeing a steady decrease.

"I couldn't justify the cost. It was either, 'Go into debt for the foreseeable future and make hardly any money in a sketchy job market,' or 'Find something else.' I had to go with 'something else,'" said Rick Barclay, a one-time prospective law student. "I feel like it worked out for the better, but at the time it was a hard pill to swallow. I know now, looking back, that it was the right decision."

Many prospective law students are finding this to be true as well. According to a study by the New York Times, between 1989 and 2009, undergraduate tuition rose 72%, while the tuition of law school has skyrocketed to an astronomical 317%. To make matters worse, at public schools, the percentage increase is well over 550%. This is exceptionally discouraging for potential law students seeking education from a public university, because public schools were designed to be just that: public. That is to say, affordable within reason for those who otherwise would not be able to afford a private education. Now, with online legal documents and legal forms agreements being so easily accessible, the industry is beginning to see a change.

The strange part, though, is that there is no shortage of people clamoring to get into the legal field, despite a public that is less likely to get their legal needs addressed by a brick-and-mortar establishment. EasyAgreements.com, an online legal forms website providing cost-effective legal documents online, is one of the leading services offering alternatives for those who are tired of spending huge sums of money to do paperwork that they themselves feel capable of doing.

With the uncertain economy climate-particularly for younger people looking to make a start in the world in a tough job market, the prospect of having viable legal solutions available is reassuring. As many young people are now looking to start their own businesses as either supplemental or even primary sources of income, the need for finding affordable online legal documents to start their companies is becoming extremely commonplace to a generation raised on the Internet.

"Oh, I'd absolutely start a business that way," said Barclay. "I'd much rather spend what money I have getting my business up and running than spend it on red tape."

EasyAgreements.com is an online legal form provider catering to those looking for cost-effective legal solutions in a variety of areas.

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