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Real Estate Money Matrix Re-Loaded

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2012 12:04 ET

Real estate money matrix by Nate Kennedy has announced it is re-opening its property funding and transaction platform and training to new real estate investors

Austin, USA, 08/08/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Real estate money matrix, a training program and a funding and transaction platform for real estate investors announced today that it has re-opened its doors once again and is enrolling new members.

Nate Kennedy, the founder of real estate money matrix says: “The money matrix online platform for real estate investors gets you direct access to submit your real estate deals to buyers and lenders. Real estate money matrix levels the playing field for all investors, no matter how small they are.”

The program has been closed for about a year servicing only existing members who joined real estate matrix a year ago. Now that Nate Kennedy’s real estate money matrix is re-opening the doors for training once again, it will accept a limited number of new members for training, funding and transactions opportunities.

Nate Kennedy further says: “Real estate money matrix is a not just a solution to flip properties. It also allows investors to build long term wealth with real estate.” What re-loads this month is a real estate money matrix review with a series of educational video trainings that allow investors to learn and meet the staff before joining and spending money on training.

The real estate matrix platform includes several components that simplify decision making and the process putting real estate deals together - for beginners and advanced investors. The Property Genius software analyzes all deals and quickly predicts whether they are likely to create profits for the buyers.

Funding and flipping modules of real estate money matrix allow quick funding and even a quick resale of the property for a fee.

More information on the real estate money matrix training and platform can be viewed at http://getrichlazy.com/money-matrix.html