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Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: The Positive and Negative Sides

Last updated Monday, October 29, 2012 07:57 ET

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers is not a one-shot marketing strategy.

Dallas, 10/29/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Social media’s role in business especially in lawyer marketing often encounters criticisms from naysayers. Facebook as one of the largest and most sought social media marketing tools is not exempted.

Using Facebook as a marketing tool to promote a lawyer’s or a law firm’s services has already been proven as effective and has produced higher ROIs to some businesses in the Fortune 500 list. But, although this is the case, there are some establishments who reported the opposite. This becomes the reason why some start-up attorneys are having second thoughts and doubts when it comes to investing time and money in building their own marketing campaign in Facebook.

The Positive Side

Before we’ll deal with what the naysayers are saying, let us check first why start-up attorneys and law firms should use Facebook as one of their primary tools in attracting potential clients.
As most start-ups have no financial stability, it is essential to find a marketing platform that doesn’t hurt their budget. Creating a Facebook fan page costs nothing at all. This is beneficial for lawyers who wanted to create visibility and brand online but don’t have the resources to pay for expensive ads and other promotional campaigns.

The next good thing about Facebook that start-up attorneys can benefit from is it provides an easy system of building engagement and communication between them and their clients. Although there are some legal intricacies when it comes to using the platform, they are created to protect both parties. Studying Facebook’s user policy should be a priority before starting a fan page.
The ability to track progress and user engagement is by far one of the most useful features of Facebook’s fan page. Start-up attorneys don’t need to buy or subscribe to any expensive tracking software to monitor results of their marketing campaign.
These are just some of the basic benefits in using Facebook as a platform for Lawyer Marketing.

The Negative Side

Even the most useful device if used improperly and if used by someone who doesn’t have the ability can produce undesirable results. This can also be compared to what the naysayers are babbling about Facebook. Using it as a marketing tool can become disastrous if run by inexperienced self-proclaim experts and also, if executed by individuals who have no enough knowledge on how to run an effective Facebook Marketing for Lawyers.
The downside of Facebook Marketing is not about the platform but the people who are using it. The most common disaster happens when a lawyer who has no enough knowledge about Facebook Marketing tried to DIY the process without doing proper research and without consulting experienced Facebook Marketing professionals. This is one of the common reasons why they fail and become discouraged to the point of becoming one of the naysayers.
Another downside of Facebook Marketing is the occurrence of “experts” that spring up like mushrooms. They often promise about increasing ROI and the like but they don’t even know how to set goals and strategies. They only promise to increase the number of fans and followers without taking into consideration about other important aspects like target audience, engagement, and content.


Facebook Marketing for Lawyers is not a one-shot marketing strategy. In executing any kinds of social media campaign, it is of utmost importance that it is done by a professional or someone who fully knows how to run an effective campaign. No matter how good the marketing platform, if it is entrusted in the wrong hands, failure will always be the end result.