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How To Remove Iowa.Arrests.org In 60 Minutes

Last updated Sunday, November 4, 2012 16:14 ET

How to delete Iowa.Arrests.org mugshots in 60 minutes - Mugshot removal services, how to remove your mugshot from the internet.

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How To Delete Iowa.Arrests.org Mugshots In 60 Minutes

As mugshot website continued to spread throughout the country few mugshot removal services have had the success rate of RemoveSlander.com. Once featured in a cover story on CNN, RemoveSlander.com has taken on some of the largest mugshot websites like Florida.arrests.org, Bustedmugshots.com, Justmugshots.com, and Mugshotsmobi.com.

RemoveSlander.com has just announced that they can now remove Iowa.Arrests.org Mugshots in Less than 60 minutes guaranteed. RemoveSlander.com was the first reputation management firm to offer mugshot removals dating back to December of 2010, and has now emerged as the leader in how to delete a mugshot from the internet.

A spokesperson for RemoveSlander.com says that their biggest challenge has been in keeping up with all of the new mug shot websites that have emerged since they remove their first client off Florida.Arrest.org in 2010. RemoveSlander.com was also featured in a report in the Miami Herald that also listed the most effective Mugshot Removal Services.

Victims of Mugshot Websites have noticed their mug shots photos completely vanish out of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing within 24 hours after hiring RemoveSlander.com.

How To Delete A mugshot?

Since the launch of Florida.Arrests.org more and more mugs shot websites have popped up all trying to cash in on the accessibility of public records. Tyronne Jacques author of How To Fight Google and Win says that the fix to the mugshot problem lies in the hands of the arresting sheriff department.

“The cure for the mugshot problem is very simply as witness in Richland County SC, stop publishing recent arrests online. If the Sherriff Departments would end the policy of publishing non -violent offenders then we could witness this problem go away overnight.”

Seth Rose, Richland County Councilman and defense attorney, calls it legal extortion and a national epidemic. His law offices have been defending clients with similar issues with other websites.

"They are not just doing this in our county, but in every county across the state, across the country," said Rose. "This is not against the law. I just think there are ethical concerns. I think this should be against the law. I think this is something, that because this is a nation problem, many people don't know about this."

Which is why Rose approached administrators with Richland County's Jail asking that the photos be taken down so national website cannot access them.
"We definitely don't want these sites to have access," Richland County Spokesperson Stephany Snowden says they are looking for long term solutions to posting inmate photos, making sure they are not keeping important information from the public and the media.

As for now there are only two proven ways to have a mugshot removed from the internet.
1) Trust that the mugshot website will remove the photo upon request
2) Hire a firm like RemoveSlander.com to ensure that the mugshot website removes the photo and keep off the site.

RemoveSlander.com has a money back guarantee shields their client’s mugshots from reappearing on the same mugshot website, and they even offer removal credits that will remove their client’s mug shots from future mugshot websites.

Are Mugshot websites legal?

The answer is yes! Mugshot websites are legal because the information they obtain was posted online by a third party. What makes the practice of posting mugshot photos legal falls under section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, and if you live in Florida then mugshot websites fall under Transparency in Government Laws.

Extortion Laws do not apply to mugshot websites because the arrested individual is not forced to pay for the removal of their mugshot photo, but rather opt in to pay the service fees.

Despite the fact that mug shot websites are 100% legal, arrested individuals can still protect their online reputation by hiring proven experts in mugshot removals. Links from sites like Jailbase.com can remain indexed in Google long after the mugshot information has been deleted, this is only another reason mugshot victims hire firms like RemoveSlander.com.

How To Delete Arrests.org Mugshots

Contacting Arrest.org can prove to be very difficult and time consuming, with no real assurance that booking information would be removed from the internet. Several sites like FloridaJails.info received numerous complaints for failing to remove mugshots after receiving payment for removal services.

Arrests.org is now publishing mugshot photos on their latest site Claifornia.Arrests.org. How to remove Iowa.Arrests.org can prove to be very difficult and time consuming for mugshot victims who have very little experience in dealing with attack websites. RemovSlander.com can remove California.Arrests.org in less than 60 minutes and also get the link deleted from Yahoo.

To have a mugshot photo removed from Iowa.Arrests.org or Iowa.Arrests.org simply visit RemoveSlander.com. Once on the website visitors can select several different mugshot removal plans all designed to delete booking information from the internet. Mugshot website victims can also contact RemoveSlander.com directly by calling 1(888)821-7571

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