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Niseko Consulting Shifts Property Management Services to Niseko Owners

Last updated Friday, November 16, 2012 13:51 ET

Niseko Consulting, real estate services for individuals and investors, has shifted its property management services division to newly created Niseko Owners.

Kutchan-cho, Japan, 11/16/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Niseko Consulting, an independent real estate sales and investment consultancy based in the Niseko area of Japan, has officially transferred its property management services division to its newly created sister company, Niseko Owners.

Niseko Owners now offers extended property management services for its Niseko real estate owners and those with property for sale in Niseko, Japan.

As company owner Michael Davenport explains, Niseko Consulting first began offering property management services in 2006 as a service to its Niseko real estate owners who used the agency to help purchase their Niseko homes and to assist with property for sale in Niseko. However, with demand for more management services on the rise, Davenport says it became clear a second company was needed.

“We began to witness very strong demand and rapid expansion within our property management services division,” said Davenport. “So 136-, and hold to our commitment to offer value with excellent service at all levels.”

Davenport said Niseko Owners focuses on providing Niseko homeowners and commercial investors a way to economically track all activities regarding leasing and property upkeep, affording them peace of mind and real-time control over their investments.

“One of the main aims in running our company is to save our owners money by avoiding excessive fees, hidden charges and ensuring the property is managed economically,” Davenport said. “All of our Niseko property owners have complete access to our online system, where they may view property details, trust account details, management agreements, invoices and real time cash flow statements.”

Niseko Owners handles all aspects of building and contents insurance, tax, snow management, cleaning, repairs, car maintenance and more. Niseko Owners can also assist individuals with many other aspects of owning property in a foreign country, including translations, buying goods and food shopping, arranging mobile phones, rental cars and more, streamlining the process for investors based overseas, as well as non-nationals living in the Niseko area or other parts of the country.

About Niseko Consulting, www.nisekoconsulting,com, launched in 2006, Niseko Consulting offers a full suite of real estate services for individuals buying and or renting residential or commercial property in Niseko, Japan and surrounding areas.

About Niseko Owners, www.nisekoowners.com, Niseko Owners is a sister company to Niseko Consulting, offering a full range of extended property management services for its Niseko residential and commercial real estate owners, ensuring economical, real-time tracking of rental agreements and payments, sales listings and activity and general property maintenance issues.

For more information, please visit www.nisekoconsulting.com or call +81 136-55-8122.

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