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Hollywood Seagull slated for first European test screening

Last updated Monday, May 13, 2013 11:08 ET

Prince Albert of Monaco amongst VIP invitees for tribute to Hollywood's Golden Age

05/13/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Filmed as a tribute to the golden age of cinema, Hollywood Seagull is to receive its first European test viewing today at the Monaco Film Festival, with Crown Prince Albert amongst the invited VIP audience.

Written and directed by Michael Guinzburg, the epic retelling of Anton Chekhov’s classic drama, filmed on location in Malibu, is slated for a special performance at the 8th Monaco Charity Film Festival in Monte Carlo today (May 14, 2013).

Producers selected the Monaco festival for the event due to the principality’s global reputation for classic glamour and appreciation of cinema. Photographed on 35mm film by the noted cinematographer Don E. FauntLeRoy, Hollywood Seagull resonates with echoes of the golden age of Hollywood romance.

Michael Guinzburg commented: “The French Riviera felt like the right opportunity to share the movie with an international audience. I really look forward to the feedback. ”

The audience is set to be particularly high-toned, with Crown Prince Albert of Monaco one of the key invitees to the afternoon performance. Guinzburg’s mother, the actress Rita Gam, was bridesmaid at Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Ranier in 1956, and so a royal invitation was a prerequisite.

Guinzburg commented: “I thought it would nice for him to take a break from the affairs of state.”

The first European test screening of Hollywood Seagull is at the Hermitage Hotel, Monaco, May 14 at 1 PM