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bioTE Medical Saves Training & Travel Time with Express Yourself eLearning

Last updated Monday, July 15, 2013 12:16 ET

Company slashes product launch learning curve for reps and physicians, and shows quick time to market

Dallas, USA, 07/15/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Express Yourself eLearning, an online learning platform for authors, speakers, coaches and trainers located in Dallas TX, announces the launch of bioTE Medical's training eCourses for Pellet Therapy product.

Express Yourself eLearning offers video services and an eLearning platform that provides company trainers, such as those with bioTE, the ability to provide training online. "In the case of bioTE Medical," states Jayne Rios, company founder and CEO, "the pellet therapy product is so new, the company found themselves doubling their training efforts, which resulted in hours of retraining and excessive travel expenses. Now, medical and pharmaceutical reps can review the sessions on line until they feel comfortable approaching a physician."

Express Yourself eLearning videoed 20 hours of training sessions and produced 12 courses with seven classes each for the bioTE Medical training team. These classes are online and are available for not only the representatives who will be selling the product, but also the doctors who will be prescribing the hormone therapy.

"I cannot emphasize enough how much this eLearning platform will save us over time, " said Chris Ried, Marketing Director. "Our new pellet therapy is a revolutionary product in the medical industry and because of that training is intensive. Not only do our sales representatives need to learn it inside and out to sell it, they need to educate physicians." Chris Ried continues, "Prior to Express Yourself eLearning eCourses, we found ourselves doubling our training efforts. We would spend two days training and then would bring everyone back in for a second session. Now, reps and doctors can watch the videos on line for review or to answer questions."

About Express Yourself eLearning
Designed for 21st century speakers, authors, coaches and trainers, Express Yourself eLearning is a dynamic online eLearning platform. A sister company of KungFuzos, Next Generation Video Marketing, the eLearning system is created incorporating new technology that makes it affordable and extremely user-friendly. Express Yourself eLearning courses allow for video, audio, graphics, content, downloads, quizzes and certificates of completion. The courses are password protected and tie in to ecommerce so that individual course publishers can charge whatever they wish and keep 100% of the income. To find out more go to http://expressyourselfelearning.com or call toll free 855-456-9876.

About bioTE
bioTE is a Multiple Services Organization (MSO) that is committed to excellence in educating both doctors and patients about Bio Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy. bioTE Medical is headquartered in Irving, Texas with hundreds of Certified Medical Practitioners providing pellet therapy nationwide. bioTE was founded by Physicians and is passionate about teaching how hormone balance using the bioTE Method is the ultimate foundation and direction to good health. Our Certified bioTE Practioners and Partners provide superior diagnoses and treatments for patients who want to get healthy and or stay healthy.

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